Friday, 18 December 2015

Movie Review : Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement

To start off, my expectations for this movie was not very high and I definitely did not expect to be entertained much by the whole movie. Sure enough, I was right, but worst still, it didn't even meet my expectations. Although it didn't stray far from it. Still a little disappointed to spend what little money I have in my wallet to watch this. Also sorry to those following me (if there's anyone anyways) b'cuz I've been busy with life and its lemons. With this I shale start my review.

This is the poster after watching the movie. Looks cool so I took a picture of it :v

The movie is (suppose) to be about Mayuri and her judgment on Shido who take cares of all the spirits and make sure they are all happy. It starts by Shido seeing this rainbow orb in the sky (anyway he was assumed to be the only one that can see it besides Kurumi) and its made up of the spirit signatures of all of the sealed spirits. So he has to date all of them, individually. Pretty much end with Mayuri's judgement, which of course ends up in fighting somehow. Further than that is spoilers so have fun.

Ugh... okay where do I start.... how about this. Not 10 minutes into the movie and there's already fan service given that's 3 minutes long.... Yeah.... okay I accepted it cuz its DAL after all. Still bad, cuz well, I'm a guy that's into the story, not boobs, boobs and more boobs, even if they're flat ones. (Okay maybe a little) But seriously, when I watch a movie I expect story before fan services, but this is straight off the bat, fan service.

Another thing I find bad, Miku. And turns out that one of the most annoying characters in the 2nd season of DAL, now she does the opening song for the movie. Great....... Yeah I really don't like her. Even now I don't like her. Although one thing was certain, her opening song wasn't too bad, I didn't really like it, but it wasn't really that bad this time... I think at least. So I'm between, "Ugh" (horrible)... and "hmm not bad".

Right now into the bad part, this may contain some spoilers. You have been advised.
So the storyline of the movie is as stated in the summary. It was suppose to be about Mayuri (the god like prettiness and her crazy powers) making a judgement whether Shido is worthy of protecting/sealing the spirits' powers. Which turns out, not to be what we expected. (or at least not what I expected) It went like this as stated in the Summary, Shido see big rainbow orb which no one else besides him and Kurumi can see, and it is filled with fragments of Spirit powers of all the spirits in the area. And the only way to make it disappear was to date each spirit individually without disturbance of any other spirits. Now, this was the problem. They literally showed all the dates which in actual fact was not even necessary. It was literally there for, also fan service (not the bikini thing but for variety of satisfaction of the fans). Cool, but pretty much all of us knows what's going to happen to each dates. So its pretty useless knowing. After all that, Mayuri appeared in front of Shido and talked with him saying that he has already proven himself worthy. When suddenly the thing inside the orb starts going on a rampage, captures Mayuri for "god knows what reason (actually I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know)", and starts blasting almost everything into smithereens. Skipping the fight part, then Mayuri cries and suddenly disappears and everyone is suddenly sad in the anime. I'm there like "Uhhhh am I suppose to feel something for Mayuri cuz.... I can't feel anything..."

Which is the major problem of the anime. Mayuri doesn't have enough character development. She literally just appears and disappears on every date that Shido goes to. Proving no such significance whatsoever to the storyline or her character or anything for that matter (except the fact that Mayuri is actually darn cute :v ). It literally feel like the developers have nothing better to do and just went... "Why not? Just throw it in there". They could have done better in my opinion like making Mayuri a dandere type of character, a little bit of background why we should feel about her and that would at the very LEAST make me feel a LITTLE, like VERY LITTLE sympathy for her disappearing. But no, that's not what happened.

Good, now that I'm done ranting about the bad thing, let's talk about the good thing. For one, the show inherited the Nanoha fight styles into the anime which, yup you guessed it, was at when Mayuri's.... Thing, whatever its called, went beserk. It was cool! Sad it didn't last very long. Also at least this time, EVERYONE (minus Kotori and Kurumi) fought the thing. But of course the one character that had to take all the spotlight of defeating the darn thing was.... Yup, the 1st spirit introduced into the anime itself, Tohka. Not going to say how she ended it, but she ended it. (Maybe with a little help from Kurumi as well as there was a small cutscene of it, but not sure) Still, this part was good. So thumbs up on this.

Next is obviously the soundtracks of the movie. Since when have you not seen me comment on soundtracks? :v Anyways, yeah it was good. The timing of some of it was cool, the how it sounds sometimes gave me goosebumps, and overall I liked it. So yeah, kudos to the soundtracks.

Finally Good thing, Tohka's date is one of the cutest date EVER. Not going to spoil it cuz it will surely make you laugh, although its already super obvious =p. Not only that, the last bit of thing I would like to say....


Yes, I just love how cute she is in the movie, and I'm pretty sure I won't stop liking her :v

As a conclusion. Don't waste your money on watching this in the cinema, although I'm pretty sure its long gone from there. But if you're really curious on what happens, just find your own means of watching the movie. I wouldn't recommend watching this at all. I was pretty disappointed by my own already lowered expectation for the movie, and its seriously low. Thanks for reading, stay awesome and have fun! =3

Recommended: No, just no. Unless you're just as curious as cat... or a bunny :v
Rating             : 5 of 10

Finally, a quote from the movie, the cutest one I've yet to get out of my head...

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Half Anime Review : Shokugeki no Soma

As per the title this would only be a short review of an interesting anime. Recently I have lost touch with anime until my friend kept on dragging me to watch this. When I did, I was not disappointed. It is an awesome anime.

The anime itself is actually about Soma, a born chef at Yukihira Diner. The rest just involves him cooking unbelievable food as well as cooking tricks that not many people know of. A lot of cooking stuff i learnt from this anime and I'm willing to try it out when I have the time.

The only thing I do not like about this anime is the fact that you literally can't watch it in public places or near your parents, cuz there's many many fanservices which involves a term called "food-gesm". Literally in every episode there's at least 1 or 2 times that it happens. That's the only drawback I think the anime has, overall it is still ongoing and I'm looking forward for the next few episodes.

Since this is a half review, my usual routine of rating and picture will not be posted. So stay updated for the full review once the anime is completed =3

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Manga Review : Ore Ga Akuma De, Aitsu Ga Yome De

Alright before we start with the reviewing, I want to clear the meaning of the title and what's it about. Basically the title is translated as I'm a demon, she's my wife, and the story is basically is what it is, about a demon having a little girl as a wife. Let your imagination flow~~~~~

Just a little illustration =3
From Rayns&Lele Scans:
Demons will grant any human wishes in exchange for their soul. Anzamnia, an ambitious demon, has fallen to the bottom of the chart, having collected zero souls. After being kicked out to earth by the police, he found himself in Japan, in search of a human contractor in order to get back home. Then he crosses his way with a lonely little girl, who is convinced he is an angel sent from Heaven and insists that he grant her wish and form a contract with her, knowing it will take away her life? Anzamnia's first contract is formed, and her wish is... for them to get married?! So starts the blissful married life of this adorable and idiotic couple.
A marriage of different races, ages and personalities will now commence! - mangafox (too lazy to think of a summary =p sorry)

Well my 1st impression of this manga was interesting b'cos when I saw the picture I just fell in love with that loli little girl =p. After that when I actually start reading it, and when the girl said she wants to form a contract NO MATTER WHAT, I litterally went "whaaaaaaaaat?" and when she wished for that demon to be her husband I nearly flipped my table. Basically, I'm having the same reaction as the demon in the manga, b'cos its sooo rare for a little girl to wish for something like getting married, let alone getting married to a random person she doesn't know. But don't be fooled by this 1st impression, this lovely weird love is actually quite interesting to read.

This story is actually interesting due to this really weird demon (i'll refer to him as Azam from here). His character development from the beginning of the manga to the end, is really dramatic, but predictable. Like, you know, forced to married a random person but can't break up and suddenly I fell in love that that random person because I've been so close to her? Yeah, that's how it went. But although its predictable, there is one twist I didn't quite expect until I further into the manga. Not going to ruin it though, so go read yourself =p. And also, his demon "friends" which turns out to BE his friends because of Azam's wife. Yes that little girl made them nice to each other .-. what a wish.

As said, i was attracted to the picture of the manga thus i like the manga's drawings as well as the storyline. Weird, sometimes funny (but other times they try too hard to be funny), and dramatic in some ways. Weird story in general, still worth a read.

Conclusion, i personally enjoyed what i read from this manga and i do recommend people to read. Its interesting yet dramatic.

Rating 7 of 10

Well, i'll work on other reviews now. *starts working*

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Movie Review: Naruto The Last Movie

So after a long time of no posting, here we finally have something I can post. Naruto The Last Movie. So happened I watched it on a friday the 13th, and so happen so many bad things happen to me and so happen Naruto the last movie not worth the time spent there other then the 5 minutes intro. I'm here at the back of my screen going, JUST END THIS DAY ALREADY!!!!!!!

Anyways, here's the review
It literally goes like this, the 1st 5-10 minutes of SUPER CUTE HINATA LOLI, naruhina naruhina naruhina, random villian introduced, naruhina naruhina naruhina, hinata goes with the villian, naruhina naruhina, naruto tries to save her, saves her, naruhina naruhina, BATTLE THAT'S ACTUALLY DECENT IN THE MOVIE that lasted less then 3 minutes... naruhina naruhina, Gundam, Nanoha, naruhina naruhina, Baymax, naruhina naruhina, enermy looses and gives up saying that he will atone for his sins on the moon... naruhina naruhina, they get married, naruhina... end.


This movie i was actually looking forward to not end up like crap, ends up like crap. I blame friday the 13th really... It was really cliche to the point that my friend and I could literally make almost all the emo and serious moments into a joke and almost everyone in the cinema actually laughed. The only character you will see as any importance in this movie is, yes as you guessed it, Naruto and Hinata, the rest of them are pretty useless and they don't even appear long, like for example... Hanabi (Hinata's sister) appeared like 2 minutes more or less ONLY. Sasuke appeared in total 1 minute ONLY, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru are there to be there and be slightly helpful to Naruto and Hinata. This movie even almost turned into a awkward silence moments between Naruto and Hinata.

If you actually read some part of my summary as well, you will notice 5 things, the intro is super nice, too much naruhina, Nanoha, Gundam and Baymax are actually in the freaking movie. How you ask? Well, Gundam, Kurama will fight a giant golem thing. Nanoha, Naruto having an inter-space aerial combat with the villain. Baymax, somehow the villain mutated and turned into Baymax. Oh and I forgot, Resident Evil, because.... mutation. So we have 4 references already noted at ONLY the climax. So much fun... Plus like I said, a lot of cliches.

Trying to enjoy this movie is not easy yet its also not hard, because this is one of the movies where it is just so bad, to the point its actually good. Although my friend beside me was literally fighting to stay awake in a Naruto Movie and he still can't believe it.
Naruto: Believe it!
The movie is actually funny at some parts, and at others my friend and I just make it more fun by almost trolling the entire movie. I can't tell where but let's just say when you see dolls, he said "loliiiiiiiii.... okayyyyyyyyy" you'll have to watch to know where, since the movie was not released in dvd yet, I can't take a screen shot of it. (Will post when it is available)

Alright now to move on to the main characters, Naruto, is a thick headed, idiot, over-powering and almost useless, while Hinata, well, she there because Nana Mizuki nothing more, nothing less. Naruhina moments are nice, but it gets too much to the points its get really annoying.
Hinata has good parts, at one part of the movie, the developers actually made Hinata look almost exactly like Nana Mizuki.
Hinata is the best candidate to help work for CinemaSins because she said this
"My sister is kidnapped and here I am knitting. I'm such a bad sister" (Yes she literally said this)
Naruto, is well, super thick-headed as usual until a sudden 'plot device' made him instantly realize how much he loves Hinata. Yeah..... screw this....

The love story of NaruHina in this movie is just too forced onto them. It feels that way, they were far apart at the start of the movie, then plot device, and they became closer and closer and closer... in fact its too fast to get that close even with the plot device... ugh... So the love part, I enjoyed till nearing the climax then..... I went, okay whatever.

What I did enjoy in the movie was, the intro, because I'm a sucker for a loli Hinata =p. The background music of the ENTIRE movie, and I mean it, its really nice, I don't even like some parts of the movie so I'm just there to enjoy nice and awesome background music =P. Kuruma fight with Golem thing = BEST.FIGHT.IN.THE.MOVIE but like Godzilla, it didn't last long.

In summary, paying 14 bucks to go to an almost freezing cold cinema with super surround sound and flashing lights that has, nice background music, music, intro, and one giant thing vs another giant thing battle. and of course BAYMAX.

In the end of the movie, my friend and I reacted like "what.... wait....what? what? huh? what?" and the whole cinema followed and laughed. Walking out of the cinema he said, "I'm confused what I just watched" xD

Rating: yeahhhhhhh of 10
Recommendation : yeahhhhhhhh, not sure either, do it if you want to

Best part of this is, this movie still has a MUCH MUCH MUCH better love story then twilight xD (no offence to twilight fans) =p

Monday, 29 December 2014

Anime Review : No Game No Life

So hey guys, I finally got myself to start blogging again after quite awhile of moody-ness and work rush.
As you can see the picture below, I am going to review the very good looking anime called No Game No Life (will now be referred to as NGNL) Enjoy and once again, sorry to the my fellow followers.
This is freaking colorful and the only time I like a bright picture :v
Its about 2 siblings that are really hard core gamers and they reject reality. One day, a god from another world challenged them to a chess match and they won. After that they got instantaneously teleported into another world where everything and i literally mean everything is decided through games. Thus the name.

In this review, there will be a lot of words that I would use that you might not understand because sometimes it won't be words. You have been advice.

So people told me to watch this anime because it was very good and I was not disappointed. This anime is BEYOND a good anime, its almost a PERFECT anime. Just because, its not predictable, not even the slightest bit (well to me anyways). Every episode in this anime, there is one part that is bound to make you go smile like an idiot and say, "WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! XDDDDDDD" and I'm not kidding. The comedy, imagination and work put into this anime is seriously very good. Note, some episodes as the ending short credites, watch it all the way to the end, do not skip anything at all. There is a very tiny show at the end of the ending song sometimes, and trust me, its worth the wait =3.

The songs in this anime are really cool and cute at the same time, I am not really sure which genre it belongs to but its between pop and rock. The drawing, as you can see, is pretty nice in my opinion. Plus the detail they put into every character is its own entertainment in itself, which is cool.

Character development is pretty darn well too, the race that the siblings are in (humans basically), and they fight against people that has powers of many kinds. Since everything is decided by games, well the rest is up to everyone else imaginations. Almost all the characters played their part in the anime so not one character goes to waste in the anime, well maybe except for the other random humans being part of the race. They didn't really do much (=p)

Well although the review is short, I really cannot find a single thing I don't like in the anime, its simply too good. Its a comedy shounen type of anime, but it is also quite complicated in its own way. Although not too much. In Conclusion, it is a very good anime, and by far the only anime I enjoyed so much to the point I actually want to watch it again until I'm sick of it. Also I saw some rumors that there will be a season 2, which I also expect because they game of the world haven't started yet. A clifthanger ending and thus the rumor.

Well, in the words of my friend, (which I agree too), "After watching NGNL, all other animes are s**t XDDDDD" (no offence to other animes =3)

Rating 10 of 10
HIGHLY recommended to watch, heck, if you didn't watch it, GO WATCH IT NOW!

Here's the 1st review in ages, so keep in touch guys =3 and thx for following me all this time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2015 to everyone~~ x3